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Beyond Mental Borders are the highly praised, Toronto-based mentalism team led by Shelby Handley and Armand Antony. Stepping away from the traditional world of magic, the group create a world in which surprise and awe are the norm, where sleight of mind dominates over sleight of hand. Beyond Mental Borders avoid flashy illusions and stage gimmicks, instead focusing on their true skillset: connecting your mind to theirs


Beyond Mental Borders create "an unforgettable night of mental magic with a blend of humour, charm, assertiveness, and a series of tests that challenge the strongest of skeptics." (Broadway World)


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From Hogwarts to Holmes, Shelby has always used magic to expand her imagination. Her mentalism is rooted in storytelling and studying others, which she uses to draw out your thoughts through connectivity and creativity. Her intense focus, combined with dramatic flare, and witty humour leave a promise that you are experiencing not just tricks, but true illusions of the mind.

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A born performer and bringing experience to the stage as an actor and musician, Armand Antony began his illusionist days with card magic and prediction. After spending time studying cold reading, psychology, and influence, Armand brings a refined sense of extra-sensory perception to recognize emotion, predict thoughts, and connect with you on a level that spikes off the charts.


Tarot card readers, psychic mediums, and clairvoyants have one thing in common: they're all fraudulent. Alexandra has studied their techniques to create the apparent ability of being able to read minds. She fuses magic, sleight of hand, and theatricality in her approach to mentalism - plucking thoughts from your head, while reminding you it's only an act. 

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